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Unlocking Homebuyer Opportunities in 2024

From our friends at the kcm blog There’s no arguing this past year has been difficult for homebuyers. And if you’re someone who has started the process of searching for a home, maybe you put your search on hold because the challenges in today’s market felt like too much to tackle. You’re not alone in that. A Bright MLS study found some of the top reasons buyers paused their search in late 2023 and early 2024 were: They couldn’t find anything in their price range They didn’t have any successful offers or had difficulty competing They couldn’t find the right home If any of these sound like why you stopped looking, here’s what you need...

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Why Fixing Up Your House Can Help It Sell Faster

From our friends at the kcm blog  If you’re thinking about selling your house, you should know there are buyers who are ready and able to pay today’s high prices. But they want a home that’s move-in ready. A recent press release from Redfin explains: “Buyers are still out there and they’re willing to pay today’s high prices, but only if the house is in really good shape. They don’t want to spend extra money on paint or new appliances.” It makes sense when you think about it. They’re having to pay a lot of money for a house in today’s market. That means they may not be able to easily afford upgrades after...

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How To Determine if You’re Ready To Buy a Home

From our friends at the kcm blog If you’re trying to decide if you’re ready to buy a home, there’s probably a lot on your mind. You’re thinking about your finances, today’s mortgage rates and home prices, the limited supply of homes for sale, and more. And, you’re juggling how all of those things will impact the choice you’ll make. While housing market conditions are definitely a factor in your decision, your own personal situation and your finances matter too. As an article from NerdWallet says: “Housing market trends give important context. But whether this is a good time to buy a house also depends on your financial situation, life goals and readiness to become a homeowner.” Instead of trying to time the market, focus on what you...

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Why Working with a Real Estate Professional Is Crucial Right Now

From our friends at the kcm blog Navigating the housing market can be tricky, especially these days. That’s why having an experienced guide when buying or selling a home is so important. The market isn’t exactly straightforward right now, and working with a real estate expert can offer insights and advice that make all the difference. While today’s market conditions might seem confusing or overwhelming, you don’t have to handle them alone. With a trusted expert leading you through every step, you can navigate the process with the clarity and confidence you deserve. Here are just a few of the ways a real estate expert is invaluable: Contracts – Agents help with the disclosures and contracts necessary in today’s heavily regulated...

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You’ve Scraped Together Just Enough Money To Buy a House—but Can You Afford What Comes Next?

By Julie Gerstein | Maryland home inspector Welmoed Sisson recently met homebuyers who were about to purchase a house at the very top end of what they could afford. “They told me at the start of the inspection that they had pretty much no budget for repairs,’” Sisson says. Although their finances were stretched thin, they were hoping it would be OK since, as Sisson recalls, “the real estate agent swore the house was move-in ready.” Even though the house looked fine to the untrained eye, Sisson could instantly tell the property was riddled with problems that would cost a bundle to fix. “Just in walking around the exterior, I spotted at least $50,000 worth...

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Why Moving to a Smaller Home After Retirement Makes Life Easier

From our friends at the KCM blog Retirement is a time for relaxation, adventure, and enjoying the things you love. As you imagine this exciting new chapter in your life, it’s important to think about whether your current home still fits your needs. If it’s too big, too costly, or just not convenient anymore, downsizing might help you make the most of your retirement years. To find out if a smaller, more manageable home might be the perfect fit for your new lifestyle, ask yourself these questions: Do the original reasons I bought my current house still stand, or have my needs changed since then? Do I really need and want the space...

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The Price of Perfection: Don’t Wait for the Perfect Home

From our friends at the kcm blog In life, patience is a virtue – but in the world of homebuying, waiting too long in hopes of finding the perfect home actually isn’t wise. That’s because the pursuit of perfection comes at a cost. And in this case, that cost may be delaying your dream of homeownership. As Bankrate explains: “One of the most common first-time homebuyer mistakes is looking for a home that checks each of your boxes. Looking for perfection can narrow your choices and lead you to pass over good, suitable options for starter homes in the hopes that something better will come along.” The Cost of Holding Out for Perfection Nothing in life...

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Why Your Asking Price Matters Even More Right Now

From our friends at the kcm blog If you’re thinking about selling your house, here’s something you really need to know. Even though it’s still a seller’s market today, you can’t pick just any price for your listing. While home prices are still appreciating in most areas, they’re climbing at a slower pace because higher mortgage rates are putting a squeeze on buyer demand. At the same time, the supply of homes for sale is growing. That means buyers have more options and your house may not stand out as much, if it’s not priced right. Those two factors combined are why the asking price you set for your house is more important today than it has been in recent years. And some...

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Homeowners Gained $28K in Equity over the Past Year

From our friends at the kcm blog If you own a home, your net worth has probably gone up a lot over the past year. Home prices have been rising, which means you’re building equity much faster than you might think. Here’s how it works. Equity is the current value of your home minus what you owe on the loan. Over the past year, there have still been more people wanting to buy than there are homes available for sale, and that’s pushed prices up. That rise in prices has translated directly into increasing equity for homeowners. How Much Equity Have You Earned over the Past 12 Months? According to the latest Homeowner Equity Insights from CoreLogic, the average...

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Real Estate Still Holds the Title of Best Long-Term Investment

From our friends at the kcm blog With all the headlines circulating about home prices and mortgage rates, you may be asking yourself if it still makes sense to buy a home right now, or if it’s better to keep renting. Here’s some information that could help put your mind at ease by showing that investing in a home is still a powerful decision. According to the experts at Gallup, real estate has been crowned the top long-term investment for a whopping 12 years in a row. It has consistently beat out other investment types like gold, stocks, and bonds. Just take a look at the graph below – it speaks volumes: But why does real estate...

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